Have question? No problem. Below mentioned are answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

What about emissions? Will my Diesel car smoke?

Not at all. Your emissions will not be affected in any way due to our clean burn approach. In Diesels, even with the manufacturer’s original tune, a small amount of smoke under wide open throttle is normal, and this usually subsidies into a haze as you accelerate. Thanks to our strict rule of clean burn, we ensure that your car doesn't unnecessarily smoke any more than what it did before you tuned your car with us.

What about Naturally aspirated engines?

Forced induction i.e. Turbocharging or Supercharging allows a tuner to fine tune and control the amount of air your engine needs to consume at all times. Naturally aspirated engines will benefit from our ECU remap service, but due to lack of forced induction, your engine will see gains up to 10%.

What do you actually modify in my vehicle, how long does it take?

ECU remapping is the modern term replacing that of 'chip-tuning', although the term chip-tuning is still widely used. Chip-tuning or 'chipping' refers to the actual process of physically modifying the ECU chip which was required before the year 2000 and before all cars were fitted with a standardized OBD port. From the year 2000, car engines are able to be tuned by accessing the ECU remotely. This safer and more effective form of tuning is what we advocate.

We do not alter any hardware in your vehicle as all modern vehicles have an ECU. The ECU is a computer controlled device which can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) in the vehicle. The ECU controls many processes such as ignition timing, how much fuel and air are mixed together, when the turbo initiates, etc. These settings are stored as maps within the ECU. Here at T-O-T, we will access your vehicle’s ECU via the OBD port. The OBD port (On-Board Diagnostics) is essentially a plug in the vehicle which can be connected to which has a self-diagnostic and reporting capability. The OBD port enables the vehicle owner or vehicle technician to access information relating to the health state of various vehicle sub-systems. For vehicles where ECU data cannot be accessed via the OBD port, we will access data from your ECU's EEPROM directly.

With our high-tech software, we will analyze the maps that are already stored on the ECU. A number of different files (maps) within the engine control unit are tweaked in accordance to the tune you’ve chosen. Typically, tweaks are made to the Air Fuel Ratio / Turbo pressure / Turbo threshold / Turbo limiters / Turbo Injection Control / Fuel injection / Start of Injection / RPM load / Operative map / Rail Pressure control / Smoke threshold / Exhaust gas recycling control / Fuel Pump and Injector Duty Cycle maps - to name a few.

We will then re-flash the ECU with the new optimized maps. Your vehicle can be re-mapped in 3 - 4 hours, depending on the ECU. If at any time you wish to return your vehicle ECU to its original factory settings, this can be done as we always keep a copy of your original maps from your ECU.

Each remap we provide is customized to your specific vehicle's software in the ECU in your car. The existing software is first downloaded, reworked, and flashed back to your ECU.

All control unit tests and modules outside these specific maps remain untouched, and your car will continue to pass emissions, and pass all on board diagnostic tests.

How does remapping provide additional power?

The fact remains that no manufacturer will enable you with the full power output of your modern engine for various reasons. On the commercial front, this enables manufacturers to up-sell vehicle models which have a higher brake horse power (BHP) output, even though the engine may be identical to the lower BHP model.

Remapping your engine unlocks its full potential and allows the engine to perform as was originally designed. We enable you to harness the extra performance that manufacturers left on the table.

Is there any risk to my vehicle?

Absolutely none. There are no risks to your vehicle, provided that your vehicle has been regularly serviced and the main engine parts are in good working order. Remapping your vehicle will provide your vehicle with increased power which your vehicle was originally designed to handle. T-O-T will not remap any vehicle which has worn out parts, engine problems or has not been regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines. Each T-O-T remap is tailored to the vehicle being remapped to ensure only the best results. T-O-T does not use open source library files which some operators do use in order to offer a cheaper service.

Each T-O-T remap is produced within the safety tolerance zones of your vehicle. From your end, we request that you take good care of your vehicle, service it at your manufacturer's recommended intervals, and fill good quality fuel from a trusted fuel station.

ECU Remap or tuning box?

Unlike 'tuning boxes' which are external plug-ins and continuously try to fool the ECU, our customized remaps is the most effective means to safely enhance the overall performance of an engine. The majority of tuning boxes on the market today will only increase the fuel rail pressure. You will not get an even spread of power due to the delay in the tuning box circuitry processing sensor signals. This results in spikes in power.

With a remap, these problems are eliminated as the ECU processes everything in harmony with the torque limiters and turbo limiters, which a tuning box cannot access.

Can my vehicle be re-mapped at my place of work or home; or do I need to come to you?

The choice is yours. You could drop by at our office at Sarjapur or request for the T-O-T service to come direct to your door - that could be your home, office or any other location which is suitable to you. We do not charge you extra to serve you at your doorstep. After receiving your order, we will contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Saturday) to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and remap your vehicle.

TOTT operates at a National level throughout the country in all major cities.

How do I know if my car is actually faster? What If I'm not satisfied with the remap?

We own a Vbox sport, the ultimate de-facto device is GPS based precision timings. You're more than welcome to borrow our Vbox to log 0-100 or quarter mile times of your car before your remap, then after our remap as well, and see the results for yourselves. We have a very transparent open book policy, and will support you with anything you need. If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the increased performance as a result of the remapping service, your vehicle will be returned to its original settings.

What about towing vehicles?

We guarantee higher torque early in the rev range for improved pulling and climbing power. ECU remapping is becoming an increasingly popular service for individuals who travel with high load since it improves the car's towing power in general. ECU remapping for high torque vehicles can drastically help in providing that extra torque at lower rev ranges which is needed for faster and safer overtaking. What's more, a remap will not increase your emissions in any way.

Pricing and Vehicle list:

Our pricing is directly proportion to the amount of work that we need to undertake to remap your ECU, and this differs for each car model. Request you to please call us directly for pricing. Our vehicle list is updated on a regular basis. If you do not see your vehicle listed please contact us for more information as we may still be able to remap it.