We pride ourselves on running every component of your engine well within the manufacturer's specifications.

Our Hybrid tune: Increased Power & Fuel Economy

Is that even possible? Fair question… We get this a lot. It seems incredulous to many that we claim we can increase your engine power output, while also improving fuel economy. We can provide this for you under normal driving conditions.

The Hybrid-Tune service focuses on providing your vehicle with increased low-end torque and focuses on better drivability. This ensures minimal gear changes in city traffic, which contributes to reduced fuel consumption.

While gains on Petrol engines are impressive, Turbocharged Diesels can see gains of up to 20%. The Hybrid-Tune service is also beneficial for towing vehicles.

Our Powerized tune: Designed to harness peak performance from your engine

Our Powerized-Tune service provides your engine with gains of up to 35% on Turbocharged and Supercharged Petrol and Diesel engines.

In this tune, additional torque is made available across the rev range, especially in the low-end and mid-range of engine revs, so you do not have to drive in high gears to harness your engine's peak performance.

All forced induction engines (Petrol and Diesel) benefit the most from our Powerized tune. Our remaps are designed for everyday driving and long term use, not for a 60 second street race unless specifically requested for.

Besides providing your vehicle with more BHP and torque, we ensure that this power is made available earlier on in the rev ranges compared to what you are accustomed to.

In other words, peak engine power and torque arrive sooner than in a standard, stock engine. High engine revs become unnecessary because the engine is producing higher power output at a lower rpm.

Since most drivers will typically use the low-to-mid rev range, they will readily see an improvement in both engine flexibility and fuel consumption. This is where the best practical use of ECU remapping can be felt, and our Powerized tune is designed to run perfectly well with both regular/standard and premium fuel.