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The Experts in ECU Remapping Service
Authorized Alientech Dealer
  1. Optimize your engine's efficiency with a perfect balance of power and fuel economy
  2. Enhance drivability and performance across the rev range
  3. Remove flat spots and improve throttle response in all gears
Automotive Performance Tuning. Delivered.
Serving Across India

Location is no longer a barrier. Got a car that needs to be tuned? Just get in touch with us.

Free Updates

Receive updates on your tunes for free. Get in touch with us and we'll do the needful.

24 / 7 Support

Worried about issues or just have a query? No worries. Support is just a call away.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on running every component of your engine well within the manufacturer's specifications. We invest heavily in R&D, and a lot of work goes into understanding every engine's components very well before we even begin our testing phase.

Remaps for every engine are designed and tested thoroughly scientifically for reliability, performance and fuel economy; before we finalize the tune and advertise to the masses that we're ready to serve your engine.

The best Master equipment for the job!

We invest heavily to continuously equip ourselves with the best possible tools and equipment available in the world. Most tuning houses opt for slave devices locked to Master devices elsewhere in the world. These slave devices just read and write to the car's ECU, while modifications are actually done by somebody elsewhere (not even remotely close to your car) who has the actual Master.

Our remaps are designed and tested in-house, and perfectly crafted for our environmental conditions and the quality of fuel available, which are parameters tuners elsewhere aren't aware of. We have the best Master equipment in the world to enable us to deliver the kind of high quality customized tune you deserve, and this is what enables us to make any further customizations you may require in the future.

Clean Burn

We stand by the fact that our tune will always burn fuel cleanly. Your engine will always consume just the amount of fuel and air it needs to run efficiently & to deliver precisely what your right foot commanded. The right amount of air paired with the right amount of fuel at all times ensures that your engine runs reliably, healthy, safe and keeps you smiling. While over-fuelling engines is an easy way to increase horsepower, it is neither efficient nor safe, and we strictly draw the line and advocate a clean burn of air/fuel mixture at all times, irrespective of the kind of tune you choose.

Consistent Refinement

We guarantee that your car's engine will continue to run as smooth and as refined - as it was before the remap. You will be able to feel it for yourselves. In most cases, our customers strongly feel that their engine runs smoother post our tune-up.